50 Cal Bottle - Bullet Shaped Thermos


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The High Caliber Bottle Primed and Ready for Your Beverage Needs

It's time to bring out the big guns... quite literally!  Choose between our large 34 oz bottle or say hello to my little friend, the 17 oz bottle! 

 33.8 and 16.9 oz Bullet Bottle

Stainless Steel 50 Cal Bottle


Well-Crafted Thermos -  This insulating structure is made with a stainless steel and food-grade plastics parts.  

Unique "Ammunition Cartridge" Design - This unique bottle is designed to resemble an ammunition cartridge.  The cartridge case (bottle) holds your beverage and the bullet (lid) seals it.  Simple as that!

Keeps Beverages Hot or Cool - The interior is constructed of stainless steel - a heat resistant alloy - and the lid is lined with leakproof food-grade silicone to keep it vacuum sealed.  This bottle was made to keep your hot or cool beverages for up to 12 hours. Lock and load your preferred drink of choice!

Creative Gift - Know someone who enjoys marksmanship?  Bite the bullet and try the Ammo Cartridge Bottle!  Choose from our two sizes.

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