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50 Cal Whiskey Rocks


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50 Cal Whiskey Rocks are Locked and Loaded for Any Drink.

The phrase "bite the bullet" doesn't really work here... These stainless steel whiskey rock bullets are the superior choice over conventional ice to chill and cool your drink.  The whiskey bullet stones can be frozen for just an hour and be cool enough to chill the liquor.  Don't dilute your drink with ice, remain classy while enjoying your favorite beverage.

Silver Whisky Rock Bullets
Whiskey Rock Bullets


High Quality, Classic Look - Made of 304 stainless steel, our whiskey stones are dishwasher-safe and will keep drinks ice cold for hours!  These timeless stainless steel whiskey rocks are meant to be used to chill and cool either whiskey, rye, scotch, gin, bourbon, or vodka.

Avoid Diluting Your Drink - Chill your whiskey just right without losing its unique flavor and profile.

Unique "High Caliber Bullet" Design - Our eye-catching whiskey stones are shaped like bullets and will add a unique twist on your drink, unlike conventional sipping stones.  Designed with rounded edges to prevent scratching on glasses.

Premium and Original Gift For Whiskey Aficionados - Each drinking experience, whether it's a celebration, wedding anniversary or birthday is special. Make it unique with these beautiful bar tools.

Silver Whisky Rock BulletsConnoisseur's choice for an alternative to conventional ice - don't let ice and water down your drinks.  Make a splash with these unique whiskey bullets that protect the taste without drowning the quality.  

Whisky Collage
Say Goodbye To Warm & Watery Whiskey Once & For All!


Includes:  6 Stainless Steel 50 Cal Whiskey Rocks.

Color:  Available in Gold (includes cylinder base) or Silver (includes silver rock tongs).

Product Dimensions / Capacity:  1.77" x 0.47" (45mm X 12mm)  

Gold and Silver Whisky Bullet Sets

*Never ingest or chew on the ice stones for drinks; please keep out of reach of children as they may be a choking hazard.

**Due to high demand, please allow 15 to 25 business days for your product to arrive within the USA, and 20 to 25 business days for international. We appreciate your patience!


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