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Picture this – it’s a Saturday afternoon, the weather is perfect, and you're coming home after a full day cruise.  Looking down at your arms, you realize they've been swimming in sweat under your sleeves.  It's been on your mind the whole ride home, we all know the feeling.  

Airflow Sleeves are here to introduce cool airflow to your body. These vents are made of high quality material with ventricle systems to prop up your jacket cuffs thus allowing air to flow into your jacket to circulate amongst the body.  A cooler ride means you ride calmer and therefore safer.  

Westello Moto Vents
Thick jacket materials just doesn't fare well to hot weather conditions.  In the sun, both leather and textile jackets soak up the sunny rays and can cause your body to perspire.  Riders can loosen their jacket cuffs, but then they flap around annoyingly and it leaves their wrists exposed and unprotected. 

Moto Vent Airflow

These are made light weight and small in size to fit comfortably above your wrists and prevent it from interfering with performance or hand movement. Suitable for using in ATV, motocross, motorcycle, bicycle riding, etc.

Simply loosing off your cuff, slide the Airflow Sleeves under your sleeve with the flexible tab clipping to the outside of your cuff, and fasten the cuff to secure the module in place.



  • Improves air flow and reduces perspiration during riding.
  • Provides relief from overheating.
  • Made of high quality rubber and plastic materials to be sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to carry and use, a great choice for all riders.

Suitable for using in ATV, motocross, motorcycle, bicycle riding, etc as well!

Fill up with a full tank of gas and get ready to hit the open roads and take on the heat this summer. 


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