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Tones And Tightens the Underlying Facial Muscles to Restore Youthfulness.

Arbalance - helps prevent signs of ageing, sagging, wrinkles and/or smile lines. 

Your face contains over 50 different muscles and unlike most of the rest of the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. Benefits of consistent use:

  • Firms and tightens the facial skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Strengthens the muscles in your face.

Performing face thinning and toning exercises frequently will keep your face looking fit in the long term. 



How Does It Work

The mouth guard is located at the midpoint to channel the weight of the balance as it swings. 

  • Beginner - Green (18g)
  • Intermediate - Pink (23g)
  • Expert - Gold (28g)


    1. Open your mouth and form an "O" shape.
    2. Hold the mouth guard in your mouth using your lips (avoid using your teeth to perform this exercise).
    3. Rhythmically nod your head up and down for 30 seconds.
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