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Cable Care™


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Your Rope Takes Care of You, So Take Care of Your Rope.

Cable Care™ Washing and Caring For Your Rope For Better Handling and Increasing Its Lifespan.

Cleaning a rope when it is too dirty helps prolong its life. It helps get the grains of dirt out from between the fibres which add to wear and tear. Rope bag or no rope bag, even the neatest of climbers can’t avoid a bit of dust, dirt, and/or stench from tarnishing their beloved climbing ropes.  

This is a great accessories for:

  • rock climbing,
  • mountaineering,
  • caving,
  • tree arborist,
  • tree surgeon,
  • rescue,
  • and others who use rope regularly


  • VERSATILE DESIGN - The brush is especially designed to clean ropes and cord and can adapt to different rope diameters from 8-13mm.
  • EASY TO USE - Twist the brush onto the rope then slide the brush along the rope while holding rope under water. 
  • HIGH QUALITY - Stainless steel outer ring to keep your ropes clean and increase lifetime
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