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Chalkz Booklet


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Chalk Booklet Doodlez

Simple, clean solution for fostering creativity.

Finding marker and crayon on your furniture?  Keep the creativity contained to these versatile chalkboard pages in the Chalk Booklet Doodlez!  

  • 8 Creative Pages - This chalk board book contains 8 black canvas pages with drawings for your children to color in or create their own designs!
  • Reusability - Easy to clean with a damp cloth to reuse!
  • 4 Non-Toxic, Dustless Chalks - This doodle book comes with 4 washable non-toxic dustless chalks
  • Portable - You can easily put this chalk book into your bag and carry it to anywhere. Perfect for traveling, long waits, and playing; provide your children with a canvas to explore their creativity wherever you go!

Choose between three themed Chalk Booklets:

  • Cars & More (Green)
  • Jungle Fun (Blue)
  • Sea Creatures (Purple)

Chalkboard Book Doodlez

Great for road trips, airports, and more!  Purchase your own Chalk Book Doodlez! 

*Size:  8" x 8" x 0.5"
**Chalk included

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