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Dog Toothbrush


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Let your dogs brush their own teeth & freshen their own breath!

Do you struggle to brush your dog's teeth? Pet owners have described it as a stressful experience for both them and their pups. 

Our toothbrush allows dogs to brush their own teeth!

80% of dogs face oral health issues by the age of 3. Made with a long-lasting design - for all kinds of powerful chewers - this dog toothbrush is the only 2-in-1 dog dental chew toy that lets dogs take control of their own dental health every day.

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    • Made from safe, durable & non-toxic natural rubber
    • Internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir
    • Bristle-lined grooves that brush dog’s teeth down to the gum line
    • Easy to hold paw pads
    • Side nudges for extra brushing surfaces


  • The arrangement as an arc provides 5 brushing points rows - the scientific design can clean a dog's teeth in all direction.
  • High-density undulating on the sides: these particles can completely grind away the plaque, tartar, and calculus which are hard-to-reach.
  • Holding base in dog paw - this base can help the dog holds the toothbrush firmly
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