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Care-Flow™ - Ear Washer


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Professional Ear Cleaning at Home

Invented by a physician, this ear washing system was designed to provide professional level ear wax removal for easy to use in-home usage.

Eliminate Ear Wax - Ear wax buildup and blockage can cause partial hearing loss and general discomfort. It is even the number one cause of hearing aid failure. This washer is a quick, effective treatment for excess ear wax buildup that can be done in-home.

Easy to Use - fill the bottle with an ear cleaning solution, twist on a disposable tip, and squeeze the trigger handle to spray the solution into the ear canal.

One-Handed Operation - Easily position and operate the Care-Flow™ washer with a single hand, allowing you to use your other hand for an otoscope or other instruments.

Complete Ear Washer System - each order contains the Care-Flow™ 500ml washer bottle system with five disposable tips.

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