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Flex-Clamp™ - Woodworking & DIY Tool


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Provides a Strong, Even Hold for Various Sizes & Configurations... And Surely Won't "Clamp" Your Style.

    A 'must-have' for any woodworking enthusiast.

    For use in clamping square, rectangular and irregular work pieces - such as picture frames and drawers - Flex-Clamp™ is prepared to take on any shape!  Made of a metal and plastic frame with a durable nylon belt, this tool allows for positive, evenly distributed pressure at all joints for a proper hold.  

    Built with a hand thread screw to adjust the tension level, it acts as a strong clamp with a quick release of the nylon belt for any project.


    • Even tension is maintained throughout
    • Clamps up to 4 metres with the long woven canvas strap linked to the tensioning unit
    • Hand thread screw for smooth and easy micro-adjusting of the tension
    • Easy to wrap around your work without marking the finish
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