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DIY Foam Handbags

As parents, we've always enjoyed sharing the love of crafting with our family.  Both boys and girls will love our DIY Foam Handbags as they were designed for children to explore their creativity! 

In addition to exploring their creativity, children and grandchildren gain so much practical knowledge through crafting. When children create, they learn that there is value in completing a project from start to finish because the end result is well worth it. There is nothing greater than watching a child's eyes shine with pride as they gaze upon their newly finished creation. 

Foam Bear Handbag

It's 100 times more fulfilling for them to create their own joy through crafting than buying a toy from a store for instant gratification; they'll learn the values of patience and dedication.

Foam Handbags

Both boys and girls will love our DIY Foam Handbags.  Colorful foam is such a versatile material that's super easy to work with.  Each package is perfect for rainy days, parties, camp activities, and after-school projects.

Step by step


1.  Thread the string through the pre-punched holes along the edges of the foam to attach the main template of the bag together.

2.  Attach the decorative pieces by removing the adhesive sticker and placing them as you like!

Feel free to add your own creative touches with marker, glitter, etc!

Choose between our SIX lovely kid-friendly designs!

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