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WeatherGuardian™ - Outdoor Patio Weatherproof Cover


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Weatherproofing Protection for Outdoor Furniture. 

Patio furniture needs to be covered; especially in the off-season. This will make your furniture last longer and will save your patio replacement costs in the future.


  • Maximum Protection - Featuring 100% woven polyester fabric with waterproof undercoating to prevent rain from seeping through. 
    • All Elements - Made to protect your patio furniture from outdoor elements like sun, dirt, and rain. 
    • Secure it Tight - Equipped with a draw-string bottom to secure around furniture, keeping the cover in place.
    • Water-Resistant ShellKeep your outdoor patio furniture dry and safe from the elements with a water resistant fabric top and protective splash guard skirt.
    • Built to Last - For strength and durability, the patio cover comes with tough interlocking seams.
    • Easy to Use - While this cover will be of most use during the off-season, it is efficiently designed for everyday use. The furniture cover slips on easily!

    Prevent weather damage on your outdoor furniture by protecting it the right way. 

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