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Fuse Bottle - Gemstone Infuser Bottle


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Revolutionizing the Way People Enjoy Crystal Gemstone Water.

Naturally transform the quality of everyday tap water with the vibrational energy of gems in our reusable, lead-free glass bottles and hand blown vials.

Gemstone Water Bottle for Making Crystal Infused Gemwater – Includes Gem Stones and Protective Neoprene Sleeve 


Choose Your Own Crystals - Separate gem chamber allows you to interchange the crystals.  Use the crystals provided with your bottle or change them with your own crystals!

Protective Sleeve - Each bottle comes with a neoprene sleeve to protect your bottle as you carry it with you throughout the day.

Gemstone Bottle Sleeve

Experience the healing wisdom of the ages! For centuries world civilizations have recognized the positive energetic properties of gemstone elixir. Now you can easily create your own gemstone tonic at home.  Simply place the included gemstones (or other crystals of your own choosing) in the infusion chamber in the bottom of the bottle and fill it with pure water, such as natural spring water.  Your water will begin to charge immediately, and within minutes it is ready to go along with you all day!


Find your energy charged with the pure crystal essence of a gemstone bottle!


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