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Garage Guard™ - Vehicle Door Wall Protector


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Protect Your Vehicle, Use Guards. 

Even the slightest contact on any car door with another surface can cause damage or scratches. Whether your garage is wide or narrow, properly protect your vehicles with guards to avoid accidents. 

  • Best Protection by DOUBLE Thickness - Padding provides heavy protection for your car door and garage wall to prevent damage or scratches caused by any heavy impacts. 
  • Top Grade Material - Protectors with scratch prevention texture on the waterproof surface are made of odorless high-density material.
  • Full Protection & Suitable for Types of Walls - Scratch prevention soft foam strip for garages. Each strip size is 78.7" x 7.9" / 200 x 20cm. And also the strip can be cut into multi pieces or different shapes, which fits for any types of walls.
  • Exquisite Surface Design - Details make all the difference. This garage car door protector has been applied with the most exquisite design in the world. Any water drop or water flushing be protected by special textures and grooves. It is also very easy to be cleaned.

Garage Guard™ protectors, get yours today! 
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