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Grizzly Gloves - Clawed Garden Gloves


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Integrated Claws Conveniently Replaces the Need for Handheld Tools

Westello Claw Garden Gloves

Grizzly Gloves

These are strong, durable gloves that make gardening a breeze:

  • Rake leaves
  • They make pulling weeds a million times easier
  • Dig out hard desert dirt and deep roots
  • Prevent tiny unseen thorns from poking you
  • No more dirty fingernails or hands!

All of a sudden, that treacherous root system in your yard doesn't seem impossible to tackle! 

The garden is calling, so let's get started!Westello's Clawed Garden Gloves
Right-handed or Left-handed people can use these pack of gloves.  Choose which hand to have the claws on based on your preference!


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