Hemming Clips - Needle-Less Solution for Sewing


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Box of 20 Stainless Steel Hemming Clips

Simple, clean design.  Cut down on time and avoid using sharp needles to hold fabrics together!

Customer Review - Claire Meyers

Instead of the traditional jabbing sewing pin, these hemming clips have great flexibility to glide onto fabric and holds them tightly in place when you sew. Keep your fabric professionally intact without any breaking.  Great solution for clothes delicate clothes like leather where needles are not an option! 

Hemming Clips


  • Measures Up to 3" - Each clip is engraved with 3" measurements for convenience. 
  • High Quality Stainless Steel - Smooth polishing, anti-rust, waterproof, and oil-proof.
  • Flexible Yet Tough - Flexible slip-on clips are easy to use and tough enough to last. 

Keep your work neat and tidy, without puncturing your work with fabric needles.  These Hemming Clips are ideal for hemming clothing, curtains, skirt, pants or shorts and more. 

Suitable for machine work and hand sewing.


Includes:  20 Stainless Steel Hemming Clips

Color:  Available in Silver 

Hemming Clip Dimensions

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