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Maxi Wedge™ - Hip Trainer


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Get a round, perky, well-defined kaboose. 

It helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles. Incorporate this exercise into your daily routine for quick training that will leave impressionable results.

It's an effective approach to strengthen pelvic muscles, which:

  • prevents sagging hips;
  • tones & tightens thighs, buttocks, and lower abdominal muscles;
  • improves bladder control and prevent embarrassing accidents;

Practice intimate body conditioning at your own convenience, in the privacy of your own home.


∙ Improve Flexibility - This inner thigh training tool can improve the blood system of lower limb muscles/buttocks and make the hips & lower limbs more flexible.

∙ Conducive to Pelvic Reduction - Targeted pelvic floor muscle training, which is beneficial to pelvic reduction, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, walking hips.

∙ Lightweight & Portable -  Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

 Simpler Exerciser - Helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles without the need for excessive fitness equipment and attachments.

∙ Multiple Benefits for Everyone - Treats weakened pelvic muscles, ease incontinence and enhance intimacy.



Step 1
Place the trainer between your upper thighs. Adjust the exerciser until it is resting snugly up against your buttocks. Make sure the wide open end of the exerciser is placed under your buttocks and the narrow end is facing towards the front of your body.

Step 2
Squeeze the trainer using your upper thigh and buttock muscles. Pay close attention to the feel of your muscles to make sure your inner kegel muscles are being clenched as well. This will feel as if you are trying to prevent urination.

Step 3
Tighten your muscles and slowly count to 10. Clench your muscles as tightly as you can to get the most benefit. Relax your muscles for a few seconds, then repeat the exercise several times. Work your way up to doing 10 repetitions per day.


Color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Green

Gender: Men, women, unisex

Size: 23.5cm x 11cm x 15.5cm


1 x Hip Trainer

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