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Sweet Liner™ - 12 Color Set Lip Liner


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12 lip liner set contains 12 voluminous colors to meet your different needs for different occasions.

Made with high quality ingredients, it's lasting performance will keep you covered all day. 

Its soft & smooth texture ensures you'll love the lip liners.


LONG LASTING COLOR - After drawing the lip liner, help to show the coloration of lipstick.

▸ PREVENT LIP MAKEUP BLOOMING - Lock the lipstick color & lip gloss on the lip.

▸ LASTING FOR A WHOLE DAY LONG - The beautiful color could stay on for a whole day long, even after you eat.

▸ HIGHLY PIGMENTED - Very easy to apply evenly with the smooth and soft texture, also helps define a charming exquisite lip whenever, wherever!

Natural and Safe Ingredients

Candle Wax: Wax of small candle tree contains resinous component, it has moisture resistance excellent moisture retention.

Brazil Palm Wax: Palm wax of Brazil has luster can make bright lips lasting moisture.

Squalane: The human body produces squalene naturally, which is why its derivative, squalane, is such an excellent moisturizer for the hair, skin and nails. Penetrates the skin and forms on the skin surface a natural barrier. 


1. Draw the upper lip from lip peak to two labial angles.

2. Draw the lower lip from left & right to the middle of lip.

3. Draw the whole lip fully by using lip liner pencil, makes the color fused naturally when using lipstick.

4. Use the similar color lipstick to color all lip lightly.


Length : 12.8*0.8cm/5.04*0.35inch

Package: 12 pieces/set

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