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MeowMat™ - Cat-Shaped Yoga Mat


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 Cat-Shaped Yoga Mat

Did you know children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen i.e. TV, video-games, computers?  (ref.

A few hours in front of a screen isn't actually that bad.  With the amount of information shared on the internet, children have an abundance of resources to learn through the use of technology.  To help balance the flow of entertainment and learning via technology, we've introduced our Cat-Shaped Yoga Mat to encourage children to spend an equal amount of time being active!

The Cat-Shaped Yoga Mat is a fun way to include children in activities.  Comfortable and durable, this "cat mat" can be very versatile.  Designed as a yoga mat for yogis-in-training; also a great alternative as a cushioned play mat for infants and toddlers.

Available in pink and purple, this easily wipeable mat is ready for play right meow!

*Dimensions:  73" x 31" x 0.4"  (185*80cm*10mm)
**Purchase includes cat-shaped yoga mat, yoga mat bag, and yoga straps

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