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Mug Duplexer - Cupboard Organizer for Mugs


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Practical Kitchen Organization At Its Finest.

Mug Duplexer 

  • Space Saver - Adjustable stacking device which organizes kitchen cabinets by stacking mugs and cups in a narrow fashion
  • Safely Storage - Lift your cups and mugs on top of each other without the risk of chipping or breaking them; built-in tabs locks in the top mug
  • One Size Fits All - Expandable legs make it totally adjustable to fit most sizes and shapes of coffee mugs, cups, and glasses in your kitchen cabinet, pantry or cabinet


How to Use

  1. Just place one Mug Duplexer on top of a coffee mug, cup, or glassware
  2. Set another one upside-down, right on top
  3. Give the Mug Duplexer a gentle squeeze to adjust to the size and lock in the mugs with the built-in tabs 

...And your coffee cups are safe and sound, in just the right amount of space!


Doubles as a coaster for cups!

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