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For Nasal Care and Relief.


Nasal First  - a revolutionary medical device for personal use for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis.


Principle of Treatment 

The Nasal First helps to improve the flow of blood cells (rheology) and microcirculation as well as reduce platelet aggregation.

Our device adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless and non-invasive, treating symptoms using a 630 nm red light.  Nasal First is based on the phototherapy principle of treatment with light energy, and uses a visible light source of red light with a frequency of 630nm at a narrow band wavelength.  This is the optimal wavelength to achieve the desired effect of treating Allergic Rhinitis symptoms. 


1. Connect the sensor cable and the device. 

2. Take off the small pin cover before you use. Put the rubber nose clip into nose and make sure the two lights point into the nose about 1 cm to 1.5 cm depth; 

3. A constant green light indicates that the device is ON; a flashing green light indicates low battery or improper cable connection.

4. The green light will automatically turn off after one treatment session is over (5 minutes). 

5. Use 1 session per day. 

How to Clean

Use a slightly wet cloth to clean the nasal component. Do not immerse in water.

Each Nasal First should only be used by one individual, do not share the device with others.


*Powered by 1 * 9V alkaline battery (not included)

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