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Runny-Made™ - Baby Nasal Aspirator


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Clean your baby's nose with ease! This nasal aspirator comes in baby-friendly designs that are easy to work with infants and toddlers. It’s the least hassle and damage-free baby nose technology available.

Two reusable tips for different users and preferences, these can be rewashed and used multiple times to save the environment.


Fits Any Nose 
Provide the perfect suction for every size nose. This set has all you need to get those boogers out with no additional cost - there's no need to buy filters or any other replacement parts.

Safe & Quick Top-Quality Nose Cleaner 
Safe for newborns and toddlers while still strong enough to suck all the mucus and snot out in seconds! A few drops of saline solution, wait one minute and suck the snot right out!

3 Levels of Suction
You can easily check the level of suction based on how close your nose is.

Waterproof & Easy to Clean
After your baby's nasal passages are sparkling clean, simply open the mucus cup and rinse with hot soapy water.

USB Rechargeable
No need for batteries, just plug in, charge and use!



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