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Seaway Fullscreen™ - Full Face Snorkel Mask


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Enjoy A Seamless, Completely Unobstructed Snorkelling Experience Underwater.

The Seaway Fullscreen™ is an all-encompassing snorkelling set.  Our set allows anyone (beginners or experts) to immediately begin snorkelling with a breeze! Just put on the mask and breathe normally, through your nose or mouth.


▸ Polycarbonate Face Mask - Don't let goggles restrict your peripherals, the anti-fog Seaway Fullscreen™ was beautifully crafted to give divers an unobstructed view of the ocean's beauty.

Full 180º View - This mask allows you to see everything while underwater!

▸ Redesigned Snorkel - Mindfully placed on the crest of the snorkelling mask, this snorkel is connected to the entire mask removing the need to bite down on an outdated mouth snorkel.

▸ GoPro Mountable - Every mask has the mounting platform for GoPros so you can share your experiences.

Perfect for pools, the beach or your next vacation! Bring them on your next underwater adventure for the ultimate snorkelling experience.



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