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HeatLuxury™ - Aluminized Thread, Soft Knit Warming Socks


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Thin, sheer and lightweight to wear by themselves or as liners under your regular socks for a snug fit, these socks will keep your feet warm!

Ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts like hunters, hockey players, skiers, snowmobilers, hikers and cold weather bikers. 

✔︎  UNIQUE WARMING SOCKS - Our unique warming socks are thin, sheer and lightweight enough to wear by themselves or as liners under regular socks for a snug fit. Its conductive fabric technology utilizes body heat efficiently and minimizes sweat and moisture, so your feet stay warm, dry and cozy no matter the weather conditions. Ideal for all outdoor activities in all types of cold and wet weather.

✔︎  OPTIMAL COMFORT - Super soft and made with a breathable, stretchable, nylon knit fabric to enhance your comfort level. The aluminized thread is made from aerospace fabric technology and woven perfectly to provide a lightweight, flexible and secure fit each time you wear them.

✔︎  QUALITY MATERIALS - Unlike standard cotton socks that can rip and tear, 35 Below warming socks are made with premium aluminized threads that are woven into a breathable, supersoft knit fabric to ensure the ultimate comfort and longevity.

✔︎  WASHER AND DRYER FRIENDLY - Our supersoft ultimate comfort socks are machine washable and dryer safe so there’s no special cleaning required. Wash as you would with all your other garments without worry of wear and tear or fear of these socks losing their quality.

✔︎  GREAT FOR ALL LIFESTYLES - Because of the innovative design involved, feet will stay warm and dry during various different activities; going for a run and shovelling snow, your feet will be protected in the cold winter months. Wear with ice skating or ski boots to stay warm and dry.

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