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Towerz Puzzle


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Tower Puzzle - Color Edition

Since the 1950s, children in school have been tested and tracked for their creativity through standardized tests.

On these tests, one measure is Creative Elaboration, which assesses the ability to take an idea and expand on it in an interesting or novel way.  Between 1984 and 2008, the average score for children from kindergarten through to grade 12 fell by more than 1 standard deviation.  This means that more than 85% of the children scored lower on this measure than did the average child in 1984!  Children are born creative - evident by their never-ending curiosity ways - and when they use their creativity to their full potential, it can lead to better problem-solving, self-awareness, self-expression, and many, many other things. 

The good news is that creativity can be acquired and developed at any age!  Expand your current thinking with the Tower Puzzle - Color Edition.  To begin, solve the puzzle by creating the suggested patterns.  Ultimately, the solution will be the one that you create. 

This product is highly suggested for concentration, fundamental mathematics, and creative enhancement. Great educational toy for children!

The Basics

The shape of the Tower Puzzle is cylindrical. The cylinder is divided by several "ring-shape" pieces, each with their own color. Rotating and sliding puzzle that uses an empty space created by a missing piece for strategic movements.  As the user learns to use the empty space, the puzzle evolves from a logic mathematical game into an interactive design.

The object of the puzzle is simple:  Place the tiles into patterns by making the rotating and sliding moves that manipulate the empty space.


  • Unique tower-shape design provides creative playing way and funny innovation.
  • Exquisite workmanship with preferred material provides smooth rotation and comfortable handling.
  • Activate your imagination and creativity; improve your memory and hand flexibility.
  • Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience.
  • Rotate the magic cube with your friends and enjoy!
  • Good alternative for stress releasing, thinking, quitting bad habits, etc.


*Recommended for children ages 3 and up.   

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