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Tree Mate™ - Outdoor Plant Protection Bag


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Frost Protection - Perfect for Fruit Trees, Patio Trees, Raised Bed Vegetables, Shrubs, Potted Flowers, Tall Upright Plants, and more.

Protecting plants in winter can help prevent winter scald, frozen roots, foliar damage and even death. 

  • Biting Protection - Protect your plant from biting by birds, insects, rabbits and other animals
  • Extreme Weather Protection - Protect your plants from exposure to storm, hail, snow etc
  • Offseason Protection - Protection against cold, wind, rain and dehydration, UV-resistant and, translucent; also windproof and waterproof

This plant cover is made from thick non-woven fabric. Prevent your favorite plant from being damaged. Protects plants from being prematurely killed by bad weather, pests, rat and birds.

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