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TreeControl™ - Tree Branch Modulator


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Shape Your Tree - Adjust Branches 

A "must-have" for bonsai tree lovers! 


✔︎ High Quality - The tree branch adjuster with soft and plastic skin ensures non-slip and anti-wear to protect the bark. The hard & wear-resistant carbon steel is durable.

✔︎ Avoid Damage - Easy to operate without grinding, which is more efficient in order to avoid the injury of bark in the process

✔︎ Unique Design - Trinomial structure & strong support model of the branch, this gardening hand tool is perfect suitable for small bonsai and other smaller trees.

✔︎ New Design - the trunk bender body is natural and generous in line with the aesthetics of life, making the bonsai shape more diverse



Instructions for Use and Precautions


  1. Please wrap the trunk with a tape or tape to prevent damage to the bark before using the trunk bender.  Remove the tree trunk adjuster after it has been formed tree trunk.
  2. Please hook on both side ejectors to bend the branches, twist the middle screw with your hand or tool step by step. You can complete the irregular arc until you are satisfied
  3. You can’t finish the designated position with 1 time bending. Adjust in the middle (treat according to the size of the tree), stop again after a period of time to adjust to branches on the trunk after bending, such as a year or so can be removed.


Note: This model is suitable for small bonsai, wrap the branches that need to be bent and pruned, in order to avoid the injury of bark in the process

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