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Encourage children to explore their intellectual curiosity with these Windmill-Powered Walking Robot Kits!  Lot of fun for everyone to work together and build an amazing, wind-powered machine. 

Similar to a wind turbine, this structure is designed to harness the power of wind energy to create rotational energy, which is then transferred from the gears to its legs!  

Build this 112-piece structure together with friends and family and watch it move on its own! 


Can walk on the wind by itself or by blowing against the propeller (use a blow-dryer to test indoors!)

Build-it-yourself assembly kit for children to create together.

✔ Great way to support STEM learning in children at a young age.


*Recommended for children ages 7 and up.  Please supervise to ensure children do not swallow these small pieces.

**Approximately 30-45 mins to build depending on skill level.

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