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2-in-1 Record Player and Converter


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 2-in-1 Record Player and Converter

There's something about the way a record plays on a turntable that we can't get in today's digital world.  For all those analog recording fans - those who don't mind a little rumble, wow and flutter - you can now create that same experience with you anywhere.  The 2-in-1 Record Player and Converter is a compact and portable turntable.  

As an added bonus, it can connect directly to a USB or Micro SD card to convert LP recordings into MP3 format - perfect for listening to old records on the go!


  • Play vinyls on the turntable via the USB power cord or with four AA batteries and enjoy music anywhere.
  • Convert vinyl recordings into MP3 files without a computer; insert a USB or Micro SD card, hit the REC button, and let the vinyl play!
  • Play your favourite vinyls at 33 RPM or 45 RPM.


*Dimensions: 10.4" x 4.8" x 3.1"

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