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Whirly Hanger™ - Hanger for Large Laundry (i.e Blankets, Covers, Sheets, etc)


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An Innovative Alternative to the Traditional Clothesline Rack...

Say goodbye to problematic drying and hanging for LARGE laundry pieces! Made sturdy and guaranteed to support your big laundry. You can now hang your blankets, even duvet, without folding them in half! You can spread them all the way so every inch of its surface gets exposure to air, heat, and sun. The spiral is spaced out equally for proper air circulation.

✔︎ The First of Its Kind - Made for drying large laundry items like blankets, duvets, bed sheet covers, bath towels, etc. 

✔︎ Space Saver - Ergonomic design helps save space when drying items that typically take up an entire drying rack.

✔︎ More Space Than You Might Think! – Continuous spiral rack so you can spread your laundry for proper air/sun drying. No more crumpled and partially dry laundry. 

    When you have to wash your large and bulky covers like blanket, throw, bed cover, towels, and the likes they typically do not fit on your clothesline rack.

    You can wash large items on the same day you wash your clothes because drying them will no longer be a problem. No need to wait for eternity for your blanket to dry up!

    Dimensions: 45cm x 40cm / 17.72" x 15.75"

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