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Wooly Embrace™ - Wool Pressing Mat


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Get crisp precision as you iron using Wooly Embrace™ - a wool pressing mat! It provides the best quilting and pressing experience possible, helping you get the professional results you need. Our wool mats naturally retain heat, giving you double the ironing action from both sides.

This will truly optimize your iron & pressing abilities.

Doubt Heat Action
The dense wool fibres have excellent heat retention, allowing for heat to be delivered from both sides - so it feels like ironing from both sides at the same time! This makes it quick and easy to achieve those crisp, flat edges. 

High Quality - No Slip Grip! 

Our wool mats are made from high quality 100% wool for professional results. The thick wool texture provides exceptional grip and stability for patchwork and makes pressing a breeze!

Portable for Travel
1/2" density provides extra protection for any ironing surface, preventing heat transfer to the surface below. Whether its your dining table or anywhere on the go, you can iron on any surface, worry-free! Try your Wooly Embrace™  anywhere and create an ironing station that suits your needs!

Efficient Pressing
This thick wool pad will keep your fabric stable while ironing to minimize stretching. Projects including yarn and embroidery can be pinned into the wool for easy blocking.  

Lightweight & Portable 
Pick the perfect size to take on the go- to classes, retreats, guilds and more! It’s compact and will fit on any workspace. Plus, it's portable enough to tuck away out of sight once you are finished your work.

✔︎ Retains heat for double-sided, efficient pressing, & energy savings 

✔︎ Grip your blocks for non-slip results

✔︎ Use pins for those tricky pieces

✔︎ Lightweight for portability

✔︎ Completely flat for consistent pressing

✔︎ Durable on all steam and heat levels

✔︎ Perfect size for all workstations

✔︎ Steam or other sprays are unnecessary because wool actually absorbs moisture from the air as heat is applied

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