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Yoga Spin-A-Rama


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 Yoga Spin-A-Rama

The Yoga Spin-A-Rama is a fun, engaging introduction to the world of yoga that encourages teamwork and physical activity.  The first player to collect a card in each color wins the game. 

You’ll need a little luck and teamwork, and a bit more flexibility and balance to win this entertaining yoga game.

Practice yoga poses with the family using this fun and easy game!

(Give yourself permission to make yoga silly and fun, too)


How to Play

Goal of the Game: The first player to collect a Yoga Pose Card in each color (red, blue, green and white)

1.   Give the wheel a spin until it lands on a color

2.  Pick up a card from the corresponding color

3.  Perform the pose on the yoga card - if you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you win the card!

4.  Be the first player to collect a card in each color and - YOU WIN! 

If you land on the...

Happy Face - Steal a Card: Select any card from the player on your right.

Question Mark - Opponents' Choice:  Your opponents work together to select which color deck you draw a card from. They can only choose the green, red, or blue decks.

Sad Face - Lose a Card: Your opponents work together to select one of your collected cards and return it to the bottom of its corresponding deck. 

Joker - Player’s Choice: Take a card from the green, red, or blue decks


Can you come up with other ways to play this yoga game?  Create more ways to play on your own! 


Fun for Everyone

  • A physically active game for everyone to play and get involved
  • A fun yoga game to test flexibility and balance
  • Strengthens the body and stimulates the mind
  • Encourages teamwork and creativity
  • Introduces yoga through an innovative game to children 
  • 42 individual poses and 14 poses as a couple to try!


Give the spinner a whirl and let the fun begin! 

 *Age Recommendation: Ages 5 and up

**Game includes 54 Yoga Pose Cards and a Yoga Wheel

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